shanghai15th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS 2017) May 8,9 2017, Shanghai , Chinalogo


Monday 8th May    
14H - 14H30 Opening: Prof. SHI Xin (Vice President of SMU), Prof. Christophe Claramunt (Naval Academy Research Institute, France)  
14h30 - 16h00 Session 1: Web technologies and technics (Chair: X. Li)
14h30 Paper 6: Stefan Funke and Sabine Storandt Automatic Tag Enrichment for Points-of-Interest in Open Street Map
15h00 Paper 12: Alejandro Cortiñas, Miguel R. Luaces, Oscar Pedreira and Nieves R. Brisaboa Creating web-based GIS applications using automatic code generation techniques
15h30 Paper 15: Danielle Ziebelin, Kim Hobus, Philippe Genoud and Sylvain Bouveret Heterogeneous data integration using web of data technologies
16h00 Coffee break  
16h30 - 17h30

Panel: Future research challenges and opportunities of W2GIS


Christophe Claramunt (Naval Academy Research Institute, France)

Bo Huang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Miguel R. Luaces (University of La Coruña, Spain)

Jianting Zhang (City University of New York, USA)

18h00 Welcome reception  


Tuesday 9th May

9h - 10H Session 2: Paths and navigation (1) (Chair: D. Brosset)
9H Paper 16: David Noël, Marlene Villanova-Oliver, Jerome Gensel and Pierre Le Quéau Design patterns for modelling life trajectories in the semantic web
9H30 Paper 14: Stefan Funke, Niklas Schnelle and Sabine Storandt URAN: A Unified Data Structure for Rendering And Navigation
10H00 Coffee break  
10h30 - 12h Session 3 : Web Visualisation (Chair: M. Luaces)
10h30 Paper 4: Jianting Zhang, Simin You and Le Gruenwald Towards GPU-Accelerated Web-GIS for Query-Driven Visual Exploration
11h Paper 3: Yuanyuan Wang, Muhammad Syafiq Mohd Pozi, Goki Yasui, Yukiko Kawai, Kazutoshi Sumiya and Toyokazu Akiyama Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Events in Geo-tagged Social Media
11h30 Paper 9: Christian Beilschmidt, Thomas Fober, Michael Mattig and Bernhard Seeger Quality Measures for Visual Point Clustering in Geospatial Mapping
12h-14H Lunch  
14h - 15H Session 4: Paths and navigation (2) and novel applications (Chair: J. Zhang )
14h Paper 8: Matthew Horak, Wan D. Bae, Shayma Alkobaisi, Sehjeong Kim and Wade Meyers A Bayesian Framework for Individual Exposure Estimation on Uncertain Paths
14h30 Paper 11: Nieves R. Brisaboa, Miguel R. Luaces, Ángeles S. Places and Cristina Martínez Pérez Semantic Trajectories in Mobile Workforce Management Applications
15h00 Paper 18: Nicolas Maslov, Christophe Claramunt, Tianzhen Wang, Tianhao Tang Offshore Wind Turbines Visual Impact Estimation
15h30 Closing session  
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